For some odd reason, we have noticed a lot of Sweden customers saying their orders are taking lengthy periods to be delivered and when they do arrive in Sweden the tracking is saying "pick up" instead of being delivered. This means your order is sitting at the Postnord facility to be picked up. The courier does not leave a notice sometimes. For you to better track your package please follow the steps below. Please be aware if you do not pick up your order in time Postnord will return it to sender, then you will have to pay shipping costs again once we receive it.

Download the Postnord app. Which allows you to track your packages by Postnord carriers, this will not work for other carrier services. Inside the app, you add your phone number or email. Just to be safe you can add both, the app will then see what packages are linked to this number or email. This is how you will find your package. You should see where to pick it up and also receive a digital bar-code which is used for picking up the package. The bar-code will be scanned and the person scanning it will then give you your package. 

If you're unsure where to find the app you could also go to this link below: