1. We are unable to combine orders across multiple accounts. We also cannot combine hold orders.

2. Hold orders are time-intensive and will be done at the end of a run. If you are concerned about speed, please do not set your orders to be placed on hold.

3. Hold order shipments cannot exceed a value of $500. If you have more than $500 in games placed on hold, when we receive your shipping request we will ship out the first $500 in value going from oldest order to newest order, leaving the rest on hold.

4. Orders cannot be held for more than 6 months.

5. We cannot guarantee that we will have replacements available for issues that arise with shipments. 

This will not save money for US-based customers. Please do not attempt this if you are in the US!

If you'd like your orders to be placed on hold to be shipped out in one single order, please have your orders shipped to the following address:

Address 1: 1 Hold St.
City: Dulles
State: VA
Zip Code: 20101
Country: United States

The Zip Code is the most important part as orders will be filtered based on that in our system. Please make sure it is entered correctly.

This will allow you to pay the domestic rate for shipping (typically $5.50) on your orders and have them held at our office for later shipment.

Make sure to use your actual name with this address as items will be held under your name. When you are ready to have your items shipped, please purchase this item and have it shipped to your correct address. Make sure to follow the instructions on that item for proper service.

For added safety, make sure to order your items under a Limited Run account. Orders as a guest stand to be misplaced or lost, especially if you have a common name.