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Lost package - no response from support

I have a problem regarding my (international) order. Tracking says it was delivered, but I never received the games even though I was at home. Something must've gone wrong somewhere, and it's probably the fault of my country's postal service. I never had a problem with previous purchases here. 

However, I cannot request an investigation since it was sent by registered mail, so LRG as the sender have to do this. So my hands are tied, I have no idea what's going to happen to my 80$ purchase. I fear it's too late now to find the lost parcel, since it's not even "officially lost". Do I get a replacement? A refund? 

I opened a ticket and no one has replied yet. This was in early December. I do recognize that we had holidays in between, but I'm really getting worried that I'm being ignored here for whatever reason. 

I hope someone reads this and can help me out! Otherwise I can only warn international buyers.

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I opened a ticket and no one replied. My friend opened a ticket ten days ago and nothing. Where is the support team?

i have the same problem,i combine order for 3 games and the shipping tracking is also "ready to shippment" since 17.10.18....I open a ticket and contact lrg support on twitter no answer! LRG ???

Seems like there is no support team, I have been trying to find out the status of my HD cable that was supposed to ship out in November and they don't respond, terrible customer service, this is the last time they get my money.

Same here. No response whatsoever!

I purchased a game from this website 3 years ago, still haven't recived it.
One month waiting here for sending an item back and get my money again. The only answer I received was “we've been experiencing high ticket volume.” Take for sure they are not “limited” nor slow when they take your money from your credit card.

Same case here. A shame of service.
Can confirm this, post office office notified the wrong person but before they notified me the package was sent back. That was mid December, I expected the parcel to arrive at LLG by now but no response on my inquiries so far

10 days since i opened a ticket and no reply from the support team. I'm missing a huge order. This is really bad.

I've been waiting a few weeks for my item with no delivery notifications or updates and no support follow-up to my ticket. Didn't realize they were such a sketchy company.

I wouldn’t say they were sketchy. At times they are inefficient as f_*k. Though, in all fairness, a lot of that is due to manufacturing. Something of which they have little control. Still, customer service is just as important as the product. I think their biggest issue is being understaffed. They are the big dog in their corner of the industry, but they are still a small company trying to move a lot of volume.
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