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Celeste limited edition for switch

Hi, I have ordered every limited edition switch game with you so far and to my delight Celeste was announced - waited ready to order on the second on both time slots and am gutted to have missed out both times. A long shot I know but what is the chance of you guys getting any more? - be gutted not to continue my collection without paying ridiculous money for one on eBay - I really hope you can help me out. Thanks very much, Mike

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"My collection will be ruined if I don't get one" hahaha. You dont need this stuff at all. And collecting every single LRG is a waste of money. Not all of them are great games. You are just collecting for the sake of collecting only. Yeah I am a collector too, but also I am fully aware that I dont need this stuff at all. Why pay the extra money for extra stuff that is clearly cheaply made Chinese products? Haha God is so easy to make money out of people like you The normal version is up for sale for those that are not dumb enough to throw their money away.
People have hobbies and all that, calm down. Maybe they want the poster, or the strawberry plush or they just wanted the collector's edition for the switch because they love the game and want to have some of the special merchandise. It's not your money, so why bother? Please, drop the your argument because this forum really doesn't need it. All we want is another shot at the collector's edition sometime in the near future and are merely asking LRG.

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It wont happen. Sold out and out of print. That is so obvious. Im just pissed off that our hobby has turned into a damn mainstream shit were we get ripped off by companies. Mainly the fault of people who blindly pay insane amounts of money on game collections. Reason why we are having games like Fallout 76 special edition shipping with half ass items. We are getting ripped off and is our fault. 

Why do you think forums exist?

To vent our frustrations, pass on information, share ideas etc..

And this post is an idea for more collector's edition for the game...

Hey guys, I know this is a but off topic, but has anyone else noticed that the price of the collector's edition of Celeste on Switch on Limited Run's website has jumped up to $100 after the have all sold out. I just think that's a but weird since it was sold to people for $80. Let me know if you guys can see it and what you guys think. Maybe it's a glitch, I don't know.
See dudes that is what I was talking about!

Please elaborate Christopher Delgado, I'm not sure what you mean. 

Haha no need to say my full name. Earlier I was mentioning how we get ripped off as collectors, and then I read ur post. The price is now higher than the original listing that sold out. Haha thus my point was proven. It sucks more because I live in Korea and the currency exchange kills it for me when they do this shit.
Ok, I understand now and that does suck. Do you have any idea why they would mark up the price after it is sold? There's no point to it for me and it's only the Switch version. It's weird.
Because the Switch cause more to make cartridges for. This the price increased, since the first batch sold out they have too make an special order to Nintendo for more cartridges and they arent cheap to manufacture.

I just saw that the price of the Collector's Edition of Celeste for Switch is now back down to $80. So I think it was a mistake on Limited Run Games's part, but at least they didn't sell anybody the game at the falsely increased price.

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