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Celeste limited edition for switch

Hi, I have ordered every limited edition switch game with you so far and to my delight Celeste was announced - waited ready to order on the second on both time slots and am gutted to have missed out both times. A long shot I know but what is the chance of you guys getting any more? - be gutted not to continue my collection without paying ridiculous money for one on eBay - I really hope you can help me out. Thanks very much, Mike

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I’m in the same boat - not for the collection but for Celeste in particular. If there’s any way I can get a hold of the collectors edition for the switch, please let me know. I’m surprised the stock was sold out when I went on the website...

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I'd like to second (or in this case, third) this. I was in high hopes for it and spammed the link, but was unable to buy it. Not only this, I'm not buying it for a 250% markup on eBay, as I have a budget and this game I both loved and fit my spending limit. There are over half a million fans of the game, and I'd hope that they do create more. Not only this, their information on the release on FanGamer is vague, and doesn't have anything set up yet.

I was like ready in 2 secs both times........not gettin Celeste is gettin me down

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Im soo sad not gettin Celeste.......fuckin 2500 is a fuckin joke

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Hi limited Run Games, already sent a ticket in for the same problem. In the same situation as the people in this post, was ordering ass soon as it was made available, and it was impossible to proceed with the order. Tried to buy lots of Celeste items, but I'm in the same boat as these guys, would like to have a chance to buy the collector's edition of Celeste on the Switch. Proceeded with the order as fast I could and was unable to do so. Anything you guys can do to help give us a chance to purchase this would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance and wish you a fantastic new year! Marc

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Agreed i hate these other people who gets the collector's edition and don't even want it. And the procceds to sell for way more than what it is worth, actually disgusting.

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Ive bought everything I wanted from LRG before.......I cant stand beeing not getting the game;((( 

First batch sold out in 5 minutes, 2nd batch in less than 2. Super disappointing
Same here. Never had sny problem. And i really eanted that collectors edition! Please, let me (us) know if there are more units...

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Same here - this was going to be my first ever Limited Run purchase too, and I missed out. Mega bummed. 

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I think they said Fangamer will also have a small batch in April or May?  So it's not a complete loss, at least for Celeste in general..Just not from LRG

The standard version is still available for preorder. It closes on February 1st. No big deal on missing out on a collectors version. The standard version is still up for grabs.

@christopher it's a big deal if what you wanted out of the collector's edition was everything BUT the physical copy of the game... 

i.e. - the steelbook, poster, patch, etc. 

I agree with the above, I have every switch collectors edition LRG has come out with. I too missed the Celeste Collectors Edition, both times I was waiting in line when they sold out. I have signed up on the waiting list and am still hoping to get one if there is any way possible. My collection will be ruined if I don’t get one.
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