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Itmes were not recived

Can i know what happened to my order. Its 2019 now and its not fulfilled If you are not planning on delviring the item, then please cancel it and issue me a refund The item was saying it will ship in November and its January now.. I waitied too much that i actually bought the games digitally.. I hope a refund is an option and thanks

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I have not received my orders either, multiple. This is ridiculous. At this point I just want a refund. I'll never order from here again that's a promise

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Me too, im done with LRG for good, selling my previous releases from them for x2 the price on eBay Worst company ever! Stick with Super Rare Games, at least they are super fast and they respect their customers

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I had the same issue with bastion. Took months to come out and the lady I was emailing back and forth about just sent me links. Theyre customer service is terrible. If its not comeing out when they say it is, the least they can do is send us an email to be up to date.

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I'm having the same issue with senran kagur Bon Appetit game.

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I bought a item from them and it’s faulty and got nothing back on a return or anything. I sent in a ticket and yet no answer and that was on Friday.

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same here, at this point I just want my money back

 Do they ever answer support tickets? I feel I just get ignored...

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